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500W Fiber Coupling Spectral Beam Combination Diode Laser
500W Fiber Coupling Spectral Beam Combination Diode Laser

1、Spectral Beam Combining technology.
2、Wavelength 980nm.
3、Output power 500W.
4、Fiber coupling.
5、Fiber core 200μm.
6、High-brightness. High beam quality.
Application:laser welding, laser cladding, laser quenching, laser surface modification, etc.

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1、 Compact design for easy machine integration.

2、 Macro-channel cooler. Compared to the lasers used by the micro-channel cooler, it is economical, higher reliability.

3、 Integration of water chiller and power supply. It further reduces the weight and volume of the lasers. Easy operation.

4、 Spectral beam combination technology by a dispersion external cavity .

5、 Back reflection immunity. Better absorbed by reflective metals and higher process speeds compared to a fiber laser.

6、 Electro-conversion efficiency>45%.

7、 Maintenance free, long lifetime.

8、 Fiber core 200μm.

9、 Because the small volume and light weight, it is convenient for customer to carry. Compared with the carbon dioxide laser, fiber lasers and other solid - state lasers, it is very convenient for field operation.

500W Fiber Coupling Spectral Beam Combination Diode Laser

Technical Specification



Output Power




Operation Mode


Electro-Conversion Efficiency


Fiber Core / NA


Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Operating Temperature

+5 to +40

Mechanical Dimensions




Refrigeration Mode

Water Cooling

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