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Company Profile

Wenzhou Fibre LaserFL started running in 2011, founded by Steven Yu——an expert belongs to “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” program promoted by Chinese government. FL is one of the first batch of high-tech companies invited when Wenzhou government planned to establish a National-level Optoelectronic industry cluster, and now locates in the Wenzhou high-tech industrial park. With the long-term and persistent research under several senior specialists, FL has accumulated a patent-pool with multi-patents in the Spectral Beam Combining(SBC), which is the cutting edge technology of the high-brightness diode laser. With these gained core patents, FL currently focuses on the design, manufacturing, sales, and technical service of high-power, high-brightness diode laser. The products FL provides are suitable for the process of cutting, welding, cladding, surface treatment, and have already been applied in environmental-friendly remanufacturing, fabrication of key-parts in equipment industry, manufacture of metro and high-speed railway related equipment, manufacture of key-parts in chemical industry, etc.